I'm an illustrator, letterer, and cat un-enthusiast.

My inspirations come from human idiosyncrasies, foibles and fug ups, and I get a kick out of mushing these together with patterns, type and color.

When I'm not drawing letters, or awkward animals I can probably be found cavorting in Southern California, with my toddler and husband, deep in the dull of domestic bliss.

Thanks for stopping by - if you'd like to get in touch just drop me a line. For commissions in Australasia I'm represented by International Rescue, and you can contact them or me, below. We'd love to hear from you.

Include: Robert Harris Coffee, Air New Zealand,
Stink London, San Diego CityBeat, Streamtime,
Esther Diamond, NZ Yellow Pages, Subaru, GoodHealth Vitamins.

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